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Mental Toughness Over Physical Limitations

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How to Build Your Brand

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How To Develop The Right Team

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The Master MInd behind the courses:

Marques a former NFL athele, he played for five years as an offensive lineman with the Titans, Bills, Ravens, and Jaguars. Following his NFL career Ogden started Kayden Premier Enterprises, a construction company in 2007 which quickly escalated to being a multi-million dollar construction firm. 2013 it all crashed down around him when Ogden got involved with a bad business deal, he ended up losing everything. Ogden became a SPEAKER to help others succeed where he failed. As a keynote speaker, executive coach, and corporate trainer his passion is to create value for every client. Bring the knowledge and teachings of Marques Ogden into your everyday life with one of the online programs designed to elevate your brand.

Marques Ogden

Build Your Brand and Monetize Your Speaking Career

This course is designed to teach you the action steps, and processes to turn your unique, powerful story into a career to support your family! You will learn the intricacies, knowledge, and steps required to build your speaking business, and elevate to the next level of success!

Discover How to Become a Better Leader. Learn How to Create Real Value, and Increase your Chances for Success.

Whether you are wanting to start your KEYNOTE SPEAKING Career, ELEVATE your career, or even BUILD your communication skills. Learn all you need to know right here in this course to begin, elevate, and build a strong power team around you. 

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“Marques, your speaking online course truly helped me in every facet of my personal and professional life! Being able to speak better has helped me grow my training business, and given me even more confidence to speak on big stages!”
Lloyd Morrison
Current Entrepreneur
SUCCESS starts at YES! I honestly wish I could write a book explaining how amazing this program works. I literally started the MENTAL TOUGHNESS OVER PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS COURSE yesterday. I applied what I learned within 24 hours and saw instant change in my co-workers. I applied the teachings to my clients and again saw a huge difference in how they responded to me. Here’s the coolest part about it! Not only do you get to learn how to grow your brand but you actually have a solid team backing you up and cheering “with” you on your journey to success. My success started at yes and I am so excited to see the results that this class will bring to my future.
Jennifer Heckethorn

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